SRV Picking

The pick attack of Stevie is also quite special, and there are a few things to take away from this.

He preferred to use medium guitar picks. They usually range from .60 to .80 mm in thickness, and he used to pick with the round edge of the pick, which is refreshing to know since that is how I've been using the guitar pick as well since I can remember.

This is the way I teach my students to use the guitar pick when soloing, because it offers a smoother feel and string transition. Not only that, but the tone is considerably fuller as a result of it.

Stevie also used the so-called hybrid picking technique, which is when you use both the pick and your fingertips simultaneously. This technique is often used in bluegrass and country music, but it's becoming more popular among guitarists. It improves your speed.

The pick strikes the 3rd string downstroke and an upstroke on the 2nd string with your middle finger in this illustration.

-------- ↓ - ↓ - ---------------------- || 3
----------- ↑ - ↑ --------------------- || 2

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