So you want to play guitar like Stevie Ray Vaughan

Learning Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar techniques was the key for me to get out of the "average" type guitar player. His vision was simply one of the best in world of blues and I was able to understand exactly what was so special about his technique.

It is now my responsibility to share this knowledge.

I often get asked what gear do I use, or what gear did Stevie use to sound the way he did. My question in reply is, “if Stevie were to play with your guitar and your gear, would he still sound the way he did?”… Of course he would.

It is strictly not the gear it is all about understanding Stevie Ray Vaughan's vision and the way he approached notes and scales.

Stevie Ray Vaughan was known by the way he sounded with any guitar or any amp.

Stevie Ray Vaughan's legendary guitar technique is found in his recordings, however, it was in live performances where you could really appreciate how much more he could do.

Learning these techniques is a boost in any guitar player skills. Is that simple.

This guitar tutorial is based on his live performances!