Music Is Just A Language

It's that simple.

It is my responsibility to guide you down the correct path for you to achieve success, rather than simply instructing you on how to play the guitar.

You don't need to understand the theory to create a fantastic song, and it isn't necessary to know how a language began in order to use it.

When you think about it, music is just another language. It's a way for people to communicate ideas and feelings without having to speak. Just like any other language, it can be used to express a wide range of emotions and ideas.

If you think about how you learned your current language, you'll realize that it wasn't taught to you; instead, people spoke with you and you answered back.

Most people consider music to be a difficult task because of the theory. This is why you are categorized or placed in phases. However, when you think of music as a language, you may get down with the greatest players if you can express yourself through any instrument.

This is why learning music as a language and nothing more is crucial.

You were never informed that you weren't permitted to communicate with anybody until you mastered your current language. You were not even corrected if you were wrong, and everyone talked back to you trying to utilize your current grasp of languages.

This is how I learned music, and part of it was luck, but most importantly, because I refused to learn theory since I could communicate what I wanted with any instrument using simple one-finger notes.

I first started playing drums by copying my favorite songs. I was just making noise and having a good time. It was years later that I picked up the guitar.

The most exciting aspect about this is that it was never about the instrument I was playing; rather, it was simply about learning how to communicate emotions through music. I understood the kick of the drums, the hi-hat, and the snare by feel—just like as a kid I understood when someone would raise their voice to me or convey a certain tone.

So, while I was learning all of this, I was also absorbing certain basic concepts that were useful without requiring me to do so.

Unfortunately, a lot of individuals are discouraged from pursuing their music liberties after receiving training. A typical instructor pays little attention to our objectives.

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