Guitar Skills

Unless you use your guitar skills to create something, they're meaningless.

It is all about making music. It is, It's been, and it will continue to be that way.

We'll eventually forget how simple it all is, and we'll start digging for more to later find out that it was all about creating music.

Awesome guitar skills are nothing until you make music with them.

We've all been there: showing off starts to feel more vital, and the more abilities we acquire, the better we feel. But most of the time, we don't know our present audience, and so we start to sound like we're just trying to impress everyone. People can sense it, and they will eventually dislike you.

Try to always keep this in mind.

If you want to know whether or not you're on the right track, just ask yourself if what you're listening to is something that you'd listen to in your car or with friends. If you answered yes and are being honest, you're probably on the correct track. However, if your answer isn't convincing enough, stop immediately; this is a clear indication that you've started focusing too much on technique and have begun to overlook the musical aspect of it.

There are methods to flaunt oneself without falling into the trap that is, in most cases, motivated by ego.

In this course, we'll go through ways to show off your existing skills while still maintaining the impression that you're a true artist rather than simply another guitar player.

This is crucial since understanding to listen to your audience rather than attempting to wow them will determine how successful you will be. No one cares about how excellent you are; they care only about how you make them feel. If you make them feel good by playing great music, they will be your lifelong supporters.

People on average are very competitive. They won't like it if you just mention that you're superior to them. Whether they play guitar or a similar instrument or even have a brother or a buddy who they admire, they will not appreciate it if you imply only that you are better than them.

If you make them feel uncomfortable in any way by attempting to demonstrate your skills in front of them, they will most likely never be your supporters.

Never forget this.

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