Become a mind-blowing guitar player with these techniques!


It doesn't matter how much you know, what kind of music you play or how fast you can play, as long as you sound "nice" you will always be considered a mind-blowing guitar player.

It could be a chord or a simple riff, as long as it is a nice sounding one, you are going to be considered a mind-blowing guitar player.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Techniques

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Thank you for inspiring me to find my voice. In a couple of years we will both know what would happen if you mashed SRV with David Gilmour. I will find you on FB and connect so we can stay in touch. That might force me to actually us my FB for more than ads. I am still very interested in hearing your album.

Kevin Hoff

Hey Chris this is Jason. I'm a huge Stevie Ray Vaughan fan and I've been listening to your little wing cobra note-for-note constantly. Super impressive! My question is how you do you get that tone. I've got the Fender Strat and the heavy strings. But I was wondering what amp you use and if you use a tube screamer or some other kind of pedal. I'm a huge fan of yours man and I would love to hear how you get that great tone. Thanks

Jason Moore

Your rendition, even the long version, was TRULY IMPECCABLE. And the long version becomes intensely difficult towards the end. I applaude you for that, Chris.

Luwana Littlewing

He's effin good, one of the best guitarists I know and good buddy as well!

Wojtek Imielski

Hello Chris! First of all... I can't tell you enough how beautifull your work and dedication to guitar and SRV's playing style is! I am contacting you for two reasons: i definitly am buying your dvd/book about SRV'S techniques! Can't wait to absorbe that knowledge and experience that you are sharing and to support you to keep moving forward! Even though with or without, nothing would stop you from it!...

Dimitri Polidano

I like's your video. I am from indonesia and my favorite srv

Dovid Sioso

Awesome musician, Dude can play

Dan Burch

Holy shit man.... I just ran across your Little Wing vid..... I’m speachless.. THAT was freakin amazing and brought goosebumps. I’ve been playing most of my life to be able to play SRV like you do...much MUCH work ahead of me! Absolutely awesome man!!!!

John Vaca